YoungLeaders CREATEd a novel summer program for teenagers


World-class guidance from top research institutions, companies, and accomplished individuals.


Memorable experiences working on revolutionary product, discovering Montreal, and making friends for life.


Curiosity-driven environment where you are surrounded by passionate and driven peers.


No lectures. No noise. No bullshit. We are there to guide you and make sure you get what you need to maximize your chances of success.

Mentors & partners



Amy Thibodeau,  Director of UX, Shopify

Amy Thibodeau, Director of UX, Shopify

Mathieu Perreault , Engineering Manager, Google

Mathieu Perreault, Engineering Manager, Google

Alan MacIntosh,  Managing Partner, Real Ventures

Alan MacIntosh, Managing Partner, Real Ventures

Nicole Lai,  Partner Associate, Real Ventures

Nicole Lai, Partner Associate, Real Ventures

Naomi Goldapple,  Head of Product, ElementAI

Naomi Goldapple, Head of Product, ElementAI




Past projects


$1000 portable brain imaging device

Universal blood test for early cancer detection

Pin empowering the visually impaired

YLBuild gave me an excuse to work on a project with an amazing group of friends. Its high pace ensured we were consistently making progress, and we got incredible guidance from people with a track record of building great products and companies.
— Raffi Hotter, Co-Creator, Axon
Enabling us to be the best we can. That is what YoungLeaders means to me. As part of the first cohort of YL Build, I was encircled by inspiring teenagers and mentors. It was an eye-opening experience to be part of such a program, building connections that will last for life and solidifying the entrepreneur in me.
— Laurence Liang, Co-Creator, Adasolve Technologies
YoungLeaders helped us turn our small science fair ideas into a real-life solution improving visually impaired individuals’ quality of life. We have learned a lot from community office hours with leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, to insightful mentorship with people from Google and Shopify.
— Liana Martins-Medina, Co-Creator, Vis-Ability


It’s very inspiring to see young people actually building products and thinking in this orderly way. The fact that they were in high school was pretty shocking to me. Like it’s crazy and really awesome.
— David Bennahum, Venture Partner @Alpha Venture Partners
My daughter gained confidence and started speaking up. It’s the first time I see her working on something she is passionate about. I’m looking forward to sending my younger daughter to YoungLeaders.
— Proud Parent